A comparison of the greek gods versus the judeo christian god

Greek and jewish myths, reports, and tales appear at first blush to be remarkably similar, but there are stark differences in how each culture views god, the world, the presence of evil, the worth of people, their duty, and their future. Here are the 5 ways that the christian god is different than zeus, thor, shiva, and other gods way #1 - the christian god speaks to his followers the biggest difference between the gods of other religions and the god of christianity is that the christian god has a relationship with his followers. God as wisdom, hokmah in hebrew, or sophia in greek, a feminine form, was translated by christianity into the logos concept of philo, which is masculine and was defined as the son of god the shekinah, the theology of god's mediating presence as female, was de-emphasized and god's spirit ruah, a feminine noun in hebrew, took on a neuter. Zeus -- odin zeus zeus is the ruler of the greek gods he is the son of cronos and rhea, in fact the only son of these two to survive to adulthood. The conception of god(s) in the greek world was one of greater polytheism with local polis-level examples of henotheism, centering around the 13 major gods zeus (king of the gods), hera, poseidon, apollo, artemis, aphrodite, ares, dionysus, hephaestus, athena, hermes, demeter, and hestia.

Greek gods versus roman gods comparison chart greek gods roman gods description: gods in greek mythology, ie the collection of stories or myths of the ancient greeks about their gods, heroes and the natural world. Western civilization is often called judeo-christian, since those have been its dominant religions, but in terms of civilization, it is basically greek look at civic architecture before the coming of steel and glass it is based on greek temples with columns and porticos. In the beginning when god created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the spirit of god was hovering over the waters and god said, let there be light, and there was light. (4) for example compare the depiction of yahweh in the book of joshua to the depiction of god, the father, in the gospels in the book of joshua god is depicted as vengeful master, commanding the israelites to murder innocent men, women, and children.

Greek mythology also speaks of numerous mighty men of old the olympian gods frequently had affairs with women the resultant progeny of these unions were demigods like hercules and perseus. What is actually being set forth in this egyptian creation myth is that a new god, ptah, the god that put pharaoh on the throne, is better than all previous gods the basic purpose of the myth, then, is to vindicate the new pharaoh's right to the throne. J warner wallace is a cold-case detective, christian case maker, senior fellow at the colson center for christian worldview, and the author of cold-case christianity, cold-case christianity for kids, god's crime scene, god's crime scene for kids, and forensic faith.

Many religions, the abode of god or the gods, as well as of angels, deified humans, the blessed dead, and other celestial beings it is often conceived as an expanse that overarches the earth, stretching overhead like a canopy, dome, or vault and encompassing the sky and upper atmosphere the. Greek gods vs the judao christian godwhenever we refer to the literature from which the greek god's come from, we refer to it as mythology, ie sophocles', oedipus rex and yet, when we refer to the literature of the judeo-christian god, the bible, this is not referred to as mythology. There is a contrast between the two traditions i have so far described, namely the greek and the judeo-christian the idea of god that is central in greek philosophy is the idea of god attracting us, like a kind of magnet, so that we desire to become more like god, though there is a minority account by socrates of receiving divine commands.

Apa style papers , research paper topics , how to write a research paper, research paper outline , research paper format. Greek gods vs roman gods ancient mythologies have often been confused most especially between greek and roman gods, many still get confused if a particular god belongs to either the greek or roman mythology. The correspondence between the greek and roman gods is closer than that of, say, the romans and the britons, because the romans adopted many of the myths of the greeks, but there are cases where roman and greek versions are only approximations. Even though their definitions are different, the faith of christianity and one god and the culture of the greeks in mythology of many gods are alike in a number of ways to begin, in both religions humans believe that there are speakers for their god/gods. Vine deloria describes in his god is red: a native view of religion many differences between native american myths and judeo-christian onesone of the more striking differences deloria describes is the fact that the native americans see the whole of creation as good while christianity sees us as doomed from the start.

A comparison of the greek gods versus the judeo christian god

The greek word for i run is theô the greek word for god is theos but later, when cities were founded, other gods were recognized but later, when cities were founded, other gods were recognized. Whereas classical greek religion ascribed to the gods very human foibles, theism from plato onward has affirmed that god is purely good and could not be the author of anything evil (republic) in judaism divine goodness is thought to be manifested especially in the giving of the law ( torah . Odin brotherhood vs christianity: a record of a debate between representatives of the odin brotherhood, an ancient branch of the religion now called odinism or asatru, and the followers of jesus, the christian god.

  • Although they, like the greek/roman gods, are a pantheon with lots of family ties and one ruling god, the way their respective worshipers saw them differed greatly the norse gods were much more approachable for the humans and less unpredictable.
  • Also, you will see that for every god in one civilization there is an equal god in the other for example, aphrodite is the goddess of love in greek mythology in roman mythology, it is venus.
  • The differences between the two religions or forms of worship is that the judeo-christians worship only one god, while the greco-romans worshiped many gods.

Greek god family tree greek myths mount olympus the olympians greek games roman. In greek mythology, prometheus (/ p r ə ˈ m iː θ iː ə s / greek: προμηθεύς, pronounced [promɛːtʰeús], meaning forethought) is a titan, culture hero, and trickster figure who is credited with the creation of man from clay, and who defies the gods by stealing fire and giving it to humanity, an act that enabled progress and civilization. Before the divine pair of earth and sky, who created the gods, was another god, tvastr, the first fashioner he created earth and sky, as a dwelling place, and many other things tvastr was a universal impregnator who made other things reproduce.

a comparison of the greek gods versus the judeo christian god The god of sea is called neptune in roman mythology and poseidon in greek mythology [ 13 ] furthermore, if you read about roman and greek gods, you will notice differences in characters of gods and goddesses. a comparison of the greek gods versus the judeo christian god The god of sea is called neptune in roman mythology and poseidon in greek mythology [ 13 ] furthermore, if you read about roman and greek gods, you will notice differences in characters of gods and goddesses.
A comparison of the greek gods versus the judeo christian god
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